External Evaluations

We conduct onsite external evaluations of major programming components to determine the Project's success in accomplishing its objectives and utilizing resources efficiently. Our team will develop a detailed report of all evaluation findings, required actions, and recommendations to identify necessary modifications to improve overall Project performance. 

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External project evaluation services are considered "allowable" costs for federal TRIO programs and can often be covered by excess funds accumulated due to staff vacancies.

External Project Evaluations

We conduct onsite Process-Based Evaluations consisting of a detailed review of the following ten (10) major program components to determine a Project’s success in accomplishing its objectives and utilizing resources efficiently:  


  • Plan to Identify, Recruit & Select Participants

  • Plan to Assess Academic Need & Plan to Monitor Academic Progress

  • Plan to Deliver Services to Participants

  • Academic & Supportive Services Curriculum

  • Compliance (Forms, Participant Files, & Documentation of Services Provided)

  • Management Plan: Timelines, Organizational Structure, and Time & Effort of Key Project Staff

  • Budget (Expenditures & Carry Over) & Internal Monitoring Methods

  • Formative Evaluations (Monthly Reports & Internal Goals)

  • Summative Evaluations (APR & PE, Participant/Parent Evaluations)

  • Level of Agency/Institutional Support & Commitment


Our external evaluations will provide TRIO Projects with the following benefits:


  • Improvement of the overall delivery and quality of services provided to its Participants;

  • Identification of necessary interventions and/or changes to certain program components to increase the impact of Project services on Participants;

  • Collection of data or outcome results for public relations and promoting Project services; and

  • Examination and description of effective programming components for duplication elsewhere within the institution, agency, and/or community.

External Evaluations

External Project Process-Based Evaluations

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