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Project Implementation

& Technical Assistance

Accelerate your Project's success with NEC's expert strategic planning and hands-on support to ensure exceptional results.


NEC provides newly funded and established TRIO Projects with one or more of the following customized implementation services and technical assistance as needed:



This is an online service available to all TRIO Programs. It is especially great for new directors or newly funded projects needing guidance. All meetings will take place via Zoom and will be recorded for your viewing later. The price for this allowable cost service is $80 per hour. You choose the number of hours. 

Learn more or purchase Virtual Technical Assistance hours at the NEC Shop.


Virtual Technical Assistance

NEC works closely with Project Directors to ensure:

  • Development of key deliverables with target milestones

  • Implementation of services via frequent meetings and correspondence

  • Acceptance and sign-off of key deliverables


*2 CFR § 200.473 - Training and education costs.  The cost of training and education provided for employee development is allowable.


project implementation & Technical assistance

Professional Development seminars–LIVE & on-demand

virtual Compliance assessments

virtual external Evaluations

development of Policies & procedures manuals

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APR Technical assistance

database Customization & training

proposal Needs Data Technical Assistance

proposal writing workshops

proposal development
& Technical Reviews

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