Technical Assistance

We provide both newly-funded and existing Projects with detailed and customized services that will implement successful strategies and technical assistance throughout a designated period of time. 

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Project implementation and ongoing technical assistance services may be paid out of funds unspent in the Personnel and Fringe Benefit budget categories due to staff vacancies.



Project Implementation & On-going Technical Assistance

We provide both newly funded and existing Projects with the following detailed and on-going customized implementation services and technical assistance throughout designated periods of time:  


  • Review of Project’s Internal Goals & External Objectives

  • Assessment of Project’s Organization & Staff Structure

  • Determining the Roles & Responsibilities of Project Staff

  • Development of Project’s Plan of Operation & Delivery of Services

  • Development & Recordkeeping of Project Forms, Records, & Files

  • Documentation of Project Services & Database Management

  • Assessment of Project’s Formative & Summative Evaluation Plan

  • Developing & Conducting Project Staff Onboarding & Training


After an initial consultation, we continue to work closely with Project Directors to ensure the:

1.) Development of key deliverables with target milestones;

2.) Implementation of services via frequent meetings & correspondence; and

3.) Acceptance & Sign-off of key deliverables.



External Evaluations

External Project Process-Based Evaluations

Compliance assessments

Compliance Assessments (Mock Monitoring Reviews)

Professional Development

Onboarding & Professional Development Trainings

Technical assistance

Project Implementation & On-going Technical Assistance



Development & Technical Reviews of Grant Proposals