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Project Implementation

& Technical Assistance



NEC provides newly funded and established TRIO Projects with one or more of the following customized implementation services and technical assistance as needed:


  • Professional Development Seminars for New/Seasoned Staff

  • Review & Implementation of the Plan of Operation (Identification, Recruitment, & Selection; Plan to Assess & Monitor Needs; Delivery of Services Plan; etc.)

  • Development/Review of Forms, Files, and Plan to Document & Verify Services Provided

  • Customization of Project Database & Generating Formative Reports

  • Generating the Annual Performance Report (APR) & Other Summative Reports

  • Development/Review of Policies & Procedures/Process Manuals


After an initial consultation, NEC will continue to work closely with Project Directors to ensure:

  • Development of key deliverables with target milestones

  • Implementation of services via frequent meetings and correspondence

  • Acceptance and sign-off of key deliverables


What are allowable costs? OMB Guidance - §200.472 Training and education costs. The cost of training and education provided for employee development is allowable.


project implementation & Technical assistance

Implementation &
Technical Assistance

Professional Development seminars

Workshops for New & Seasoned Project Staff

Compliance assessments

Compliance Assessments

External Evaluations

Process-Based Evaluations

proposal development & Technical Reviews

Development & Technical Reviews of Grant Proposals

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