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Annual Performance Report (APR) Technical Assistance By the Hour for ALL TRIO Programs

$80 per hour


Meet one-on-one via Zoom with Elizabeth "Lisa" Retamozo, who has 30 years of experience assisting TRIO projects with Annual Performance Reports.  Lisa will answer your questions and help you complete the APR.  You choose the number of hours based on your schedule, budget, and need.  The meeting will be recorded so that you can refer to it later. 


Techncial Assistance will include:

  • Overview of TRIO Project Annual Performance Report (APR) Database Procedures
  • Technical Assistance with PY 22-23 Annual Performance Report
  • Database “Roll Over” into PY 23-24 and Beginning of Year Procedures


After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for scheduling your APR Technical Assistance.


How to Schedule Multiple Hours:  To purchase multiple hours, click Add to Cart, then use the Plus sign (+) to add the Quantity of hours you want to purchase.  Click the View Cart button to continue.  Confirm that you have the correct number of hours, then click Checkout to make payment. 

Annual Performance Report (APR) Technical Assistance for ALL TRIO Programs


Elizabeth "Lisa" Retamozo


Founder & Executive Director


Lisa Retamozo has 30 years of administrative experience in the implementation, Principal management, supervision, and evaluation of federal and state-funded educational and career opportunity programs serving low-income and potential first-generation youth and their families.


Lisa provides TRIO projects across the nation with technical assistance in the areas of program implementation; compliance assessments; external process-based evaluations; documentation, recordkeeping, and annual performance reporting; database management; and other professional development workshops.

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