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Database Customization & Training


*2 CFR § 200.473 - Training and education costs.  The cost of training and education provided for employee development is allowable.

Let NEC assist you with customizing/updating your Blumen database and developing a data management plan. We provide online training for both novice and advanced Blumen users. Whether you are new to Blumen or you just need instruction in some of the more advanced commands, we can help your staff learn or review the following:

  • Database Customization - staff, services, forms, custom fields, schedules, etc.

  • Entry of participant demographics

  • Entry of contacts and services provided

  • Generating on-demand, weekly, and monthly reports (Formative Evaluation)

  • Data entry procedures for the Annual Performance Report (APR) (Summative Evaluation) 

You will meet with Elizabeth "Lisa" Retamozo through Zoom or Teams, and each training will be recorded so you can refer to it later. Choose the amount of training that's right for you and/or your staff. 

We offer three allowable cost training options  for an unlimited number of staff. Click below to learn more and purchase your training session:

Blumen 1 hour (3).png
Blumen 2 Hours (2).png
Blumen 4 Hours.png

project implementation & Technical assistance

Professional Development seminars–LIVE & on-demand

virtual Compliance assessments

virtual external Evaluations

development of Policies & procedures manuals

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APR Technical assistance

database Customization & training

proposal Needs Data Technical Assistance

proposal writing workshops

proposal development
& Technical Reviews

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