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Professional Development


Professional development services are considered "allowable" costs for federal TRIO programs and can often be covered by excess funds accumulated due to staff vacancies for example.

Onboarding & Professional Development Trainings

Our team provides the following seminars and workshops to enhance the skills and expertise of new and “seasoned” Project Directors and staff of TRiO Programs:


  • History of TRIO & the Higher Education Opportunity Act

  • TRIO Program-Specific Legislation & Regulations

  • Program Objectives & Calculation of Prior Experience Points

  • Policies & Procedures Based on Project's Plan of Operation

  • Identification, Recruitment, & Selection of Participants

  • Retention of Continuing Participants

  • Needs Assessment & Monitoring Academic Progress

  • Case Management & Plan to Deliver Services

  • Eligibility & Recordkeeping of Services Provided

  • Reporting Participant & Project Performance (APR)

  • Budget Management & Fiscal Regulatory Requirements

  • Database Management (Data Entry & Report Procedures)

  • Formative & Summative Project Evaluation

These services can be delivered via traditional onsite presentations and/or online webinars over a designated period of time to accommodate your available budget. 

External Evaluations

External Project Process-Based Evaluations

Compliance assessments

Compliance Assessments (Mock Monitoring Reviews)

Professional Development

Onboarding & Professional Development Trainings

Technical assistance

Project Implementation & On-going Technical Assistance



Development & Technical Reviews of Grant Proposals