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Live Professional Development Seminars for all TRIO programs - One Topic $300


NEC offers numerous training topics and meeting options based on your Project’s needs, budget, and schedule. This option is for one topic.

  • One "live" virtual workshop via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Scheduled exclusively for the Project
  • Unlimited # of staff attendees
  • Includes a link to the  recording, presentation slides, and resources.
  • $300 for each selected topic


Workshop Topics


NEC offers the following eight popular workshop topics. Each workshop is 90 minutes. Choose the topic you want to include in your seminar, or contact us for additional topics according to your budget and need.

1.) TRIO History & Legislation Impacting ALL TRIO Programs

2.) Program Regulations

3.) Objectives & Plan to Provide Services

4.) Identification, Recruitment, & Selection of Participants

5.) Budget Management & Uniform Guidance Overview

6.) Recordkeeping Requirements & Documentation of Services

7.) Compliance Assessment Readiness

8.) Annual Performance Reports & PE Points​

After purchase, you'll receive a link to schedule a meeting with Lisa to discuss your choice of topics and schedule.


Please note that this is a professional development seminar and an allowable cost. What are allowable costs? 2 CFR § 200.473 - Training and education costs. The cost of training and education provided for employee development is allowable.


Have Questions? Email or schedule a meeting with Lisa. 

Live Professional Development Seminars - One Topic


Presenter: Elizabeth "Lisa" Retamozo, NEC Founder & Executive Director

Lisa has 30 years of experience in implementing, managing, supervising, and evaluating federal (TRIO) and state-funded educational and career opportunity programs. Since 2006, Lisa and the NEC team have had a successful track record (92%) of securing $784 million in federal funding for their clients.

NEC provides services nationwide to institutions and agencies in areas of project implementation and technical assistance, professional development seminars, compliance assessment, and external evaluation.

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