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Laurie Lawrence


Lead Consultant

Ms. Laurie Lawrence has over 30 years of experience working for higher education institutions, non-profit educational organizations, and K-12 schools. She began her career in education as a high school biology teacher and has served as the director of TRIO SSS projects in Colorado and Hawaii.


Laurie has held college administrator positions in Student Services and Policy, Planning, and Assessment. As an education consultant, Ms. Lawrence has experience in project and grants management, program development and implementation, and professional development, coaching, and training facilitation. She developed, implemented and coordinated a statewide support program for K-12 teachers pursuing National Board Certification in Vermont.


Laurie earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Delaware Valley College and her master’s degree in Education from Temple University. She also attended the University of Vermont’s Education Leadership and Policy Studies doctoral program.  As a consultant for NEC, Laurie specializes in grant proposal development and technical assistance.

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