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Virtual Compliance Assessment for ALL TRIO Programs 



Utilizing virtual technology and expert guidance, NEC ensures thorough and efficient assessments without the need for on-site visits. We review administrative, programmatic, evaluation, and fiscal activities to determine adherence to TRIO Program laws, regulations, and policies and bring any applicable findings or deficiencies to the attention of the institution/agency.


NEC conducts the following virtually throughout a designated timeframe to determine a Project’s compliance with applicable TRIO legislation, Program regulations, Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), and other applicable grant regulations:

  • Assessment of Administrative, Programmatic, Evaluation, & Fiscal Operations to determine compliance with  applicable Federal, State, and College/Agency Regulations.

  • Development of a report detailing all Findings, Required Actions, & Recommendations. 

  • Assistance with the implementation of Corrective Measures to ensure Compliance.


After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for scheduling your Compliance Assessment.


You will meet with NEC staff via Zoom. All meetings will be recorded, and you will have access to them. 

Virtual Compliance Assessment


Elizabeth "Lisa" Retamozo


Founder & Executive Director


Lisa Retamozo has 30 years of administrative experience in the implementation, Principal management, supervision, and evaluation of federal and state-funded educational and career opportunity programs serving low-income and potential first-generation youth and their families.


NEC provides TRIO projects across the nation with technical assistance in the areas of program implementation; compliance assessments; external process-based evaluations; documentation, recordkeeping, and annual performance reporting; database management; and other professional development workshops.

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