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Update from the US Department of Education by Dr. Diane Auer Jones, Undersecretary

1. SSS competition - notice inviting applications (NIA) for new awards ”may” be issued without an appropriation bill; soft due date window is late October/early November to allow for the competition to proceed in enough time.

2. GEAR Up grant competition - current competition will be grants to states only with 7 new awards. New full competition in the year, FY 2020!

3. C-Campus grant competition - includes an option for community based child care to the participant as well as drop in day care options.

4. Veterans with 100% disability will have their student loans automatically CANCELLED (interim final rule). Discharge is RETROACTIVE to the determination of the disability at 100%.

5. Federal Work Study expanded to include WS eligibility including paying students while they are student teaching.

#COE2019 #USDeptEducationUpdate

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