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TS: Professional Development Seminar on April 16 & 17 and April 30 & May 1!

NEC will conduct a series of two (2) day online seminar consisting of eight (8) separate workshops that will cover the following TS topics:

1.) Review Your Target Area's "NEED" with Census Data

2.) Assessment of Your Target Schools' "NEED" for Services

3.) Required & Permissible Services to Meet Objectives

4.) Identification, Recruitment, & Selection Plans

5.) Methods to Assess Participants’ "Needs" & Plan to Deliver Services

6.) Assessment of Applicant & Community Support

7.) Qualifications Required & Plan to Hire Staff with LI & FG Professional/Personal Experience

8.) Overview of Formative & Summative Evaluations

Please note that this is a professional development seminar and an allowable cost - §643.30: What are allowable costs?  The cost principles that apply to the Talent Search program are in CFR part 200, subpart E. Allowable costs include the following if they are reasonably related to the objectives of the project:...(d) In-service training of project staff.  This is NOT a proposal writing workshop (PWW). NEC will host a series of separate online TS PWWs beginning in June and throughout the summer.

Click HERE for the April 16 & 17 Seminar or click HERE for the April 30 & May 1 Seminar or visit our website at for more information.


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