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TRIO: Hello out there...I'm back!!

Just when I thought it was "safe" to come out of my SSS grant writing cave, I find myself being pulled back in and pretty much homebound, too?

In an attempt to keep busy and my mind off of things (like the news!), I will be "bugging" you all with some posts now and then. Some will be a reprise of common questions & answers I have been saving and hopefully, some posts will be "new" replies to any TRIO questions you all may have for me once I get this blog up and running again. Of course, if you prefer to ask your questions away from the blog then you can email me at and then afterward I will ask you if it is ok to post your questions and my reply to share on the blog with no names or institution/agency identified to protect the innocent - LOL! I will be posting information, resources, and responses to questions about ALL TRIO programs - not just SSS. If I don't know the answer then I will try my best to find out who can help us. Also, to keep you from reading about stuff that may not interest or apply to you, I will start each post title with the specific TRIO program(s) it will be about and also "tag" it so it will be filed in that specific TRIO program's category in the blog's archives. I wanted this post to get out to everyone so I started the title of it with the word "TRIO" and tagged in the TRIO category for this blog. I will send something out mainly for the TS folks later on so the post title will start with "TS" and tagged in the TS category and so on for each TRIO program. If you rather not be bothered at all, just let me know via email - no hurt feelings here!! "Talk" to you soon...Please stay safe & healthy!

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