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SSS Award Notifications!!

From ED: “The Department received 1,732 eligible applications for new grant awards under the FY 2020 SSS Program competition requesting $501,307,193. With the funds available for the first slate of successful applications (approximately $359,129,015), we were able to fund in rank order 1,131 applications based on the total score assigned to each application. (The total score is the average score assigned the application by the three non-federal reviewers plus prior experience (PE)

total score of 110.00 points or higher.

points, if applicable.) All applications recommended for funding on the 1st slate scored 110.0 or higher.“

From NEC sources: There will be several slates. The funding band is the first. Then, long list of funded projects who end Aug 31. Then short list of funded projects with another year. Then those funded from funding band.

Reach out to your ranking senators and congressional representative’ office today.  Ask for the education aide and let them know your institution is anticipating being on the award list and you would appreciate being their first notification call, give them your name and direct phone number. The Department of Education will send an email notification to your institution's authorizing official, but your US Senator or Rep will know before that email is released. Good luck everyone!

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