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Only SSS 2nd Funding Band Announced So Far

There are three buckets (1) those who got funded, score 110 or higher and notification went to congress and then projects will be notified by US Dept of Ed, (2) those in the funding band, score of guessing 109-109.67 able to ask for a second review, notified by email on july 1st/2nd, and (3) those not funded - no one got notified yet. Just those in bucket #2 - the ones in the funding band.

Someone posted this

Per COE email I received at 10:24 EST:

“ Dear COE Members,

The funding band for the Student Support Services competition has been released. COE will host a Zoom call for all institutions early next week to assist your institution with this process.

Please send COE ( the following:

Name of your institution

Score you received

Type of SSS program

The contact person's name and email.

COE anticipates the funded slate will come out in the next few business days.  


Maureen Hoyler, President

Council for Opportunity in Education”

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