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NEC TRiO's 2021 Funding Success Rate

NOSOTROS Education Center Announces 98% Funding Success Rate

$64.5 Million in Talent Search Grants Awarded to Clients

(DALLAS) -- NOSOTROS Education Center (NEC) assisted twenty-eight (28) colleges, universities, and non-profit agencies in writing forty-one (41) successful federally funded grant proposals during the Department of Education’s 2021 Talent Search grant competition, the company announced today. NEC assisted clients in securing $64.5 million to help low-income and potential first-generation college students enroll in college.

Results for the 2021 Talent Search grant competition include:

• NEC developed or reviewed 42 Talent Search grants, of which 41 were funded—

resulting in a success rate of 98%.

• NEC submitted 35 proposals for continuation grants, of which 34 were funded.

• NEC developed 7 new grant proposals, with 6 funded and receiving perfect scores.

• NEC clients were awarded $64.5 million in federal funding.

Elizabeth Retamozo, NEC Principal & Executive Director, celebrated the success of her clients and her team during this recent grant competition. Retamozo said, “Since building our diverse team of experienced professionals the past few years, we have been able to deliver for our clients consistently, and we could not be happier for them and the youth they serve. To achieve a 98% success level for the Talent Search competition following our 97% success rate for last year’s Student Support Services competition truly is a mark of excellence to celebrate.”

Additionally, NEC recently secured another $26.3 million for clients:

• Three (3) successful Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate

• Programs (GEAR Up) grants for $14 million;

• Three (3) Title III Strengthening Institutions grants for $6.4 million;

• Three (3) Education Opportunity Centers (EOC) grants for $5.1 million, and

• One (1) Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) grant for $678,992

In 2021, NEC has assisted clients with 51 successful grant submissions totaling $90.8 million in federal funding.

Since 2006, NEC has had a successful track record (91%) of securing over $558 million via new and continuation federal grant proposals. NEC also provides technical assistance nationwide to institutions and agencies in project implementation; compliance assessments; external process-based evaluations; documentation, recordkeeping, annual performance reporting; database management; and professional development workshops.

Contact: Elizabeth Retamozo

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