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NEC Post-Conference SSS Training at MEAEOPP on March 1 & 2

NEC is partnering with MEAEOPP to offer a special post-conference training especially beneficial to Student Support Services Programs on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 1, and the morning of Thursday, March 2, immediately after the 2023 MEAEOPP conference.

Training: SSS Program Regulations:

§ 646.21 What Selection Criteria Does the Secretary Use to Evaluate an Application?

Overview: This training will provide a detailed overview of the SSS regulations related to assessing an institution’s initial/continued NEED for an SSS Project, review service delivery plans designed to meet SSS objectives, and evaluation methods to track and measure Project's success.

This is an allowable cost: §646.30: What are allowable costs? Allowable costs include the following if they are reasonably related to the objectives of the project:... (c) In-service training of project staff...

Presenter: Lisa Retamozo, NEC Founder & Executive Director, has 29 years of experience implementing, managing, supervising, and evaluating federal (TRIO) and state-funded educational and career opportunity programs. Since 2006, Lisa and the NEC team have had a successful track record (92%) of securing $774 million in federal funding for their clients.

Schedule: Wednesday, March 1, from 12 to 5 p.m. and Thursday, March 2, from 8:30 to 11 a.m. Click here for a detailed copy of the agenda.

Registration: $300 for MEAEOPP members, $450 for MEAEOPP non-members (includes all training materials, a boxed lunch on Wednesday, and a continental breakfast on Thursday.

Click Here to register for the post-conference training.

Visit for more information.

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