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Lisa’s “unofficial” notes from the MAEOEPP Plenary Session with the ED TRIO Office on 3/01/23

Updated: Mar 2

Remarks made by Gaby Watts and the other TRIO Program Specialists in attendance:

  • Glitches reported with the SSS APR signature page that must be uploaded - it's currently not working. Contractor had been made aware of the issue.

  • TRIO received a $40 million Increase which will be distributed to existing Projects AND there will be no mandate to serve more students with the additional funds awarded.

  • Possibility of funding down the UB and UBMS slate of proposals not initially funded with the extra funds.

  • UBs with June 1st start dates: ED will ask if you want to use carryover funds (if any) to operate until the proposed new start date of Sept 1st. Or ED may assist with additional funding to cover June - Aug so that the new year will start on Sept 1st.

  • More technical assistance activities are planned via webinars and the new YouTube channel.

  • Scheduled Go Live Date for UB/UBMS APR: March 13

  • Closing out TS 2016 grant funds in G5: Grantees that still have 2016 balances will receive a letter asking if they want the $ and how they will use This documentation is needed for ED to consider "opening up" that account again in G5 for Projects to utilize or these accounts will be permanently closed.

  • IPRs are currently being reviewed for substantial progress. ED may contact Project Directors for more clarity on what was reported on the IPR.

  • Scheduled APR Go Live date for TS: April 3

  • Fiscal Accountability & TS APR Webinars are planned for later this Spring.

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