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FYI: Latest SSS Award Info...

COE sent out the following yesterday in regards to SSS: "Expect the SSS slate this month.  ED has stated the SLATE with 1,131 successful applicants will be sent to Congress either this week or next week. COE believes ED will send out notification to the unsuccessful applicants shorty after.  The process for notification goes as follows:

  1. ED sends the names and grant amounts of funded institutions within individual state and district to Members of Congress.

  2. COE notifies state and chapter leaders that slates of funded programs are available and state leaders work with offices to get copies of entire state slate.

  3. COE works with state leaders to identify currently funded institutions that are not on slate. (Note that there can be three reasons for this: a) institutions have a banked year of funding and Congress will be notified on a second slate to be sent by ED shortly; b) Applications are in the "funding band" and have right of appeal; or c) applications were not funded.)

  4. ED sends second slate of institutions with banked years to Congress and steps 2 and 3 are updated.

  5. COE works with unsuccessful programs in their next steps.

COE continues to monitor this process closely and will notify state and chapter leaders as soon as information regarding the SSS competition results are released."

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