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Department of Education Requires TRIO Projects to Submit Interim Progress Reports (IPR)

Due to delays with the Annual Performance Report (APR) system, the Department of Education (ED) is requiring programs to submit an Interim Progress Report (IPR).

Deadline dates for each program are listed below.

Here's What You Need to Know

  • Information for the IPR is based on your Project’s performance for the current performance period (PY 22-23) and NOT for PY 21-22.

  • The individual currently listed as the Project Director in the G5 system for the respective award will be the only person to have access to the IPR within the G5 system.

Information required to complete the IPR:

In Section A, Project Status Chart, you are required to provide the following:

  1. Number of students that the Project has served to date during this current FY 2022 performance period,

  2. Number of those students who meet both definitions of “low-income individual” and “potential first-generation college student" (LI & FG) and

  3. Number of students who meet the requirements for low-income only individuals, potential first-generation college (only) students, or individuals who have a high risk for academic failure (UB only);

In Section B, you should provide an itemized budget (PDF) that includes the following:

  1. Estimate of the amount of funds the Project will not expend by the end of the current year; and

  2. Explain why those funds will not be expended (e.g., “We did not hire a project Director until the second month, and therefore will not expend all of the funds budgeted for salaries and fringe benefits for the year.”).

Finally, you are asked to attach a narrative summary in PDF (no more than 3 pages) regarding the Project’s success and challenges for the current performance period. Include in this narrative an overview of the progression of tasks that have taken place so far (including key staff vacancies, challenges to meeting number of students to be served, and what activities have been provided for students), any challenges or successes the project faced during this current performance period and how challenges were resolved.

Failure to submit the IPR through the G5 system by the submission deadline may result in the delay or deny of your continuation award.

  • Note that the APR Submission (PY 21-22) is still required

According to ED, all Projects, except newly funded ones, will still be required to submit the APR when the system is available. Please see your Project's IPR Letter from ED for details.

Below is the specific information for UB: "*Please note that you will also be required to complete and submit the FY 2021- 22 UB APR once the TRIO UB APR system is open for submission. UB/EOCD will provide advance correspondence once the date for submission has been finalized. If you are a newly funded first-time UB project, meaning your PR award number begins with (P047A22….), and you were not funded in the previous grant cycle, you will not have a previous year to report on, and therefore, you will not have an FY 2021 – 22 UB APR to submit. "

ED IPR Letter and Due Dates

SSS IPR Letter - February 13

UB IPR Letter - February 13

EOC IPR Letter - February 13

TS IPR Letter - February 13 McNair - (No information available as of time of posting)

Instructions for How to Access and Submit the IPR in G5

Project Director Credential Requirements for Performance Reporting in G5

Need IPR and/or APR Assistance?

  • Current NEC Project Technical Assistance and APR Technical Assistance Clients should schedule a time to meet with NEC to work on the IPR submission via their designated Calendly link.

  • Contact us at or click the link below if you're interested in NEC's IPR and/or APR Technical Assistance services:

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