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FYI, from COE just now regarding SSS competition: "Yesterday, Kimberly Jones, COE's Vice-President for Public Policy and Communications, and I met with Robert King, who was recently confirmed as the Department of Education's Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education and Christopher McCaghren, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs. Assistant Secretary King indicated that the Request for Proposals for Student Support Services is currently advancing through the Department's internal clearance process. As both King and McCaghren have served in leadership positions in postsecondary institutions, they expressed a strong appreciation for the need to structure the competition in such a way as to ensure the timely release of the results. While they added the caveat that there were several offices within ED and at the Office of Management and Budget that could delay the publication of the application, they promised to provide institutions submitting SSS proposals with as much time as possible to respond.

COE's current best estimate is that the RFP will be published in late October or early November with a due date in mid-January."

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