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Any day now....

The final SSS RFP will be released any day now!! As promised, NEC will be hosting a “follow up“ PWW Webinar on Friday, November 15th in anticipation of the release. Even if the RFP does not come out by then it’ll still be a good time to talk and reconnect, stress certain things, and also open it up for more questions and answers. The same follow up PWW and information will be presented twice on the 15th at the following times to try and accommodate everyone’s busy schedules and different time zones:

10 am - 12 pm Central Time

2 pm - 4 pm Central Time

All past PWW attendees will receive a Zoom invitation to both sessions (you only need to attend one of them - not both unless you want to) later this week. Please note that this workshop will also be recorded so we can email you a link if you can‘t make it to either session on the 15th.

Please email me at if you don’t receive your zoom invitation links by next Monday, November 11th.

NEC will schedule a separate SSS CPP Webinar for past PWW attendees as soon as the final RFP comes out.


Lisa & the NEC Team

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