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Another Talent Search Update!

From the ED Talent Search and Gear UP Team:

Season Greetings Talent Search Administrator:

I hope you are continuing to stay safe, as we continue to navigate through these uncertain times. The GEAR UP and Talent Search team wanted to provide you with an update with regards to upcoming events for Talent Search. First, the GEAR UP and Talent Search Team want to think you and your staff for your work and dedication to serving our Nation’s most underserved population during this past year. For our students, having the resources offered by Talent Search made all the difference in the world to their continued studies during this pandemic. On behalf of my team, I say think you and your staff!

The following updates relating to the Talent Search (TS) Program- At the time of drafting this correspondence, the FY 2021 TS Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) is making its way through the final approval process and is NOT published in the Federal Register. Therefore, the FY 2021 application open date and close date has not been established. We are anticipating the FY 2021 TS NIA will be published soon. I highly recommend that begin to check Federal Register daily for the FY 2021 TS NIA announcement.

The Department has finalized the Talent Search Pre-Application webinars for FY 2021. Please see the attached document with information regarding the dates and times for the TS Pre-application webinars as well as instructions to register to attend the webinars.

The following links below are to resources to check for future Talent Search activities and updates.

The Federal Register - Once on this website, scroll down to the section that says, “Explore Agencies” and click on “Education Department” to begin your search. – . To find and apply for federal grants.

U.S. Department of Education’s Talent Search website -

Wishing you a very safe and peaceful holiday Season,

The GEAR UP and Talent Search Team!

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